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Shh, turn down the music. There are Venue Noise Restrictions!

How to know if your venue has noise restrictions. Avoid a flat, boring event.

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday celebration or corporate party, what is going to make your event fun and memorable? It is unlikely that “awkwardly quiet music on the dance floor” is near the top of your list.

A lot of effort by you (and your DJ) goes into selecting the right songs to make sure that everyone, of all ages, has a fantastic night of dancing. You know that as soon as Gary hears the first notes of Stayin’ Alive he is going to be up out of his chair and pounding the dance floor.

Great song choices are just one piece of the puzzle….what about the right volume? What if you can’t hear the music over the general chatter of 100+ guests?

A successful night of entertainment relies on the appropriate use of volume and an experienced DJ will know how to use volume to create the right atmosphere at different points throughout your event.

Music that is too loud during dinner can destroy the atmosphere and frustrate your guests. Similarly music that is too quiet during dancing can have a devastating effect on the success of your dance floor.

If music and dancing is an important part of your event, the noise restrictions imposed by a venue should be a deciding factor, BEFORE you book with them.

Recently our team performed at an event where the Brisbane venue’s sound restriction was 80dB (decibels). While this may sound like a lot, it’s actually no louder than a kitchen garbage disposal. Dancing was particularly important to this client, and the worst part is they didn’t find out about the low noise restriction until it was too late.

Check out our dB Chart below to see just how certain levels compare with examples.

Guests on the dance floor want to hear the music but they also want to FEEL the music. It excites the energy in the room and lays the foundation for a fun and energetic celebration.

Our Advice

Check with your venue about their noise restrictions, especially if your venue is close to a residential area.

Ask them where the sound readings are taken (at the perimeter of the venue or right in front of the speakers).

If they have an in house sound system, ask if they can play some music at the maximum volume so that you can hear and feel what you are agreeing to.

For more sound level comparison’s follow this link.

If in doubt, ask us for help! We’ve performed at a large number of venues and know how to work with some crazy sound restrictions in ways that will keep both you, your guests and your venue happy 🙂


If your venue has sound restrictions ask them for their Decibel limit.

Decibel Levels

This diagram provides you with some examples to compare with at various levels.


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