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Thinking of just using a Spotify playlist for your event? Here we explain exactly why a Spotify playlist is not a replacement for having a DJ hired for your event. 3 Reasons Why People Don’t Dance to Spotify Playlists.

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3 Reasons Why People Don’t Dance to Spotify Playlists.

ONE:  Order of Songs.

Having the right songs in your playlist is obviously important, but the order in which they are played will have an enormous impact on the success of your dance floor. This is especially noticeable when it comes to the dance floor. A DJs job is to select songs that are connected in some way to provide a sense of continuity and interest to their audience. Perhaps 2 songs are different genres, but they were released around the same time, catering to a particular group of dancers. Maybe 2 songs were released 30 years apart but they are a similar style. They may be similar speeds, the same key or have similar lyrical content. All of these connections will keep your dance floor from dying after a poor song selection that alienates your dancers, ruining the momentum of a set.

TWO:  Mixing.

The most common time for people to leave the dance floor is in between songs. The art of mixing, is to make sure your audience is dancing to the next song before they can decide to head to the bar.

To the average party-goer, DJ mixing is the kind of thing that is invisible… until it’s not there. It allows the DJ to string songs together and keep the audience engaged by presenting them with a continuous stream of danceable music. Skipping intros that are long, boring or plain weird (We’re looking at you “Livin’ On A Prayer”).

THREE:  Sound System.

A professional sound system will make or break your dance floor. We have all had experiences with terrible sound systems, that hurt your ears, can’t be heard or just sound plain bad.

For an awesome dance floor experience, music needs to be loud and clear. Dancing to quiet music in front of other people is embarrassing, there is no way around that fact. If your venue tells you that they have speakers built in, we highly recommend that you ask for a demo and listen to it for yourself. Try to imagine yourself dancing to it, with a loud room full of people chatting and laughing all around you. Most in built sound systems are optimised to be used with a microphone for announcements. There are exceptions of course, but in our experience a Spotify playlist plugged in to a venue sound system is not a replacement for a DJ with a professional sound system.

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