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Is dancing going to be important part of your event’s success? Here’s 3 mistakes that could ruin your dance floor vibe that you should avoid.

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3 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Dance Floor Vibe.

ONE:  Not Setting The Right Environment.

Setting the right atmosphere for dancing is such an important part of a successful dance floor. Most people only dance when they are comfortable. A word that I like to use in this context is “inhibition”.

“Inhibition – a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.”

It is our job to remove as many inhibiting factors as possible, to let people feel free and comfortable to hit the dance floor. Some examples of inhibiting factors are.

The lighting is too bright, and I feel like everyone is watching me.

The music is too quiet, it feels silly to dance to it

The dance floor is empty, is it socially acceptable to dance yet?

I don’t know how to dance (Singalongs and well-known choreographed dances can help here)

And as we all know, alcohol is the king of removing inhibitions, which is why generally as the drinks continue to flow, all these factors tend to disappear.

As the person hosting an event, it is your responsibility that these conditions are met. Luckily if you hire one of our DJs we look after all of them.

TWO:  Not Having A Suitable Sound System.

As I mentioned in the last section, having a poor-quality sound system is simply putting up another barrier for your guests to overcome. A good sound system isn’t enough by itself to create a killer dance floor, but it certainly does help.

Your sound system needs to be capable of producing loud music and good bass without distortion. Loud music blocks out the rest of the world by overpowering our senses. Have you ever pulled into a busy carpark and had to turn your music down to be able to focus on what is happening around you?

When you want people to be lost in the moment, it needs to be loud, and sound amazing.

Note: Many sound systems built in at venues are NOT designed for dance floor level music. Hiring one of our DJs will guarantee that your sound will be on point.

THREE:  Not paying attention to your crowd.

As a DJ, I really believe that most of my job is observation. Looking at a group of people and figuring out what they need. For private events, we are playing to a contained crowd. They aren’t usually free to just leave and head to another venue if they don’t like what we are playing.

It is not our job as a DJ to tell people what they “should” be excited to dance to. Our job is to discover the group dynamic, and present relevant music in a way that is exciting, new and creative.

If you want people to dance, it is absolutely essential that you respect the tastes of your crowd and hire a DJ who can read the room. In return, they will crush your dance floor all night long.


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