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"69 Shades of Guy" A Masquerade Birthday Party at Stamford Plaza Brisbane

The theme for this masquerade birthday party was a play on Fifty Shades of Grey paired with a hazy nightclub atmosphere at Stamford Plaza.

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When DJ Ben Shipway had his first meeting with Guy to plan his 69th Birthday party, he said to him (and we quote), “With the people I have invited, this thing is going to be debaucherous”. If that’s not enough to grab your attention then we don’t know what is.

Guy is known for hosting birthday parties that are next level. Every birthday ending in 0 is a new venue, a new theme and a new collection of surprises for his guests.

So why 69 you ask? It’s just a bit more funny than 70 of course.

Guy told me that his theme was 69 Shades of Guy, a play on Fifty Shades of Grey from which the party drew it’s theme. Masquerade paired with a hazy nightclub atmosphere set the scene for a memorable night.

For this event we provided music and lighting, and Ben spent some time planning with Guy to ensure they would tie in together perfectly. They settled on red uplighting and a classy red ceiling wash to bring the masquerade theme to life and light haze throughout the room gave the illusion of sitting in a smoky nightclub.

A lot of time was spent talking music and he gave Ben a lot of new artists to discover.

As the night progressed they moved from smooth instrumental jazz to schmaltzy ballads to really drive home the classy jazz nightclub theme. After the formalities were complete Ben switched up the vibe with some Motown classics featuring Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Hot Chocolate and the Jackson 5 to pick up the energy for the last few hours.

This was an event that Ben was looking forward to for months. The theme was just so cool and different, and the crew of suppliers we had on board were sure to make it a night to remember.

Video created by Twelve08 Studio

If you’re planning a masquerade birthday party, contact us. We’d love to bring your theme to life and help make your event a success.

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