MC. DJ. Operations Manager.

“Laughter is the best medicine” is the motto that Brian lives by. With a background in Stand-up and Improv Comedy he is a perfect MC for a light-hearted reception filled with laughs. Brian’s calm and easy-going nature will ensure your ceremony and reception runs smoothly and is stress free for you. As a DJ he is an expert at reading a crowd and playing songs that will get your dance floor pumping.

Available for weddings held in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

What events do you enjoy and specialise in?

Weddings. Nothing beats how positive and joyous celebrating a couple’s marriage can be. I really enjoy creating that fun family dinner atmosphere at weddings where a bit of banter is thrown and everyone has a laugh.

When not performing what do you listen to?

This is when my country boy roots come out and you’ll hear country music blasting from my van. I also enjoy pop music, yep girly pop music from the 80’s to now.

What makes you different to other MCs?

One Bride said it the best way I have ever heard, “You’re a hilarious, easy-going, fun guy.” I just enjoy having fun and joking around with guests at weddings, giving them a chance to contribute to the laughs through interaction. Using my knowledge of comedic timing and reacting to unexpected comments has resulted in some of the funniest moments over the years.

What makes you different to other DJs?

I am a dancer, not a good one, but I just enjoy busting a move! However, I know that dancing to a song because it has a ‘good beat’ is very different to dancing to a song that is meaningful or sparks a positive memory.

My aim as a DJ is to get an understanding of how you, your friends and your family like to celebrate and to then enter that world. Discover those significant songs and play them at the perfect time. Some of the best dance floor moments have been playing a friendship group’s jam. That one odd song that was played at every party and on every road-trip.

What is your favourite part of what you do?

Having fun and helping couples make their reception fun. Whether it’s joking around in a planning meeting or playing a prank on the Best man, it’s so cool that I get to do this for a living.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

The smiles on the couple’s face at the end of their reception. Not, because it’s the end of the reception and they are about to …. go to their hotel room. But because they don’t want their wedding to finish, they are having such a great time.

What is the best concert you have ever been to?

Tough one, I have been to so many amazing ones. Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw for their amazing talent. Katy Perry for the production value.

Brian and the team were more amazing than a unicorn dressed as a fairy throwing magical pixie dust all over our reception room. Our guests said it was the funniest wedding they have been to in years and we know it was because Brian was our MC.

Rach & Phil

DAMN did you do a fine job! Everyone we have seen since our wedding has made comment on how professional, funny and good looking you were (you remember Nan don’t you).

Shannon & Vaughan

Our DJ Brian was awesome! He played all the music we wanted as well as some requests from our guests. He was wonderful at feeling the crowd and working out what they wanted played. Our only complaint was that he played too many good songs and that because peoples feet were sore they couldn't dance.

Tessa & Nicholas

We did promise our guests that they would be attending the ‘most epic wedding’ and with Brian’s help we most certainly achieved this!! You guys rock!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Regan & Allira

Brian did such an amazing job that everyone is still talking about how great he was. Even my husband said he was amazing and was glad we got him after it took some convincing for him to agree to hire a MC 🙂

Paul & Kylie

Brian MC'd our wedding and he was amazing! Really helpful leading up to the wedding as well ensuring everything would be stress -free. He was also amazing on the day! Really fluid and super adaptable when things were not going to plan or we were behind schedule.

Jamie & Salika

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