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Andrea ♥ Ashley’s Spectacular Toowoomba Wedding

Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding DJ Hire | #GMDifference

One of the best things to hear as a DJ, is that a new client has booked after seeing you perform at another event. It means that they have already seen your style and have confidence and trust in what you will create.

Andrea & Ash attended a wedding that I DJ’d in 2017 (they were the third couple in this group who I had DJ’d for) which was one of my ALL TIME favourite weddings. The crowd was vibrant and ready to party, so I knew this one would be good.

They told me they like Triple J and RnB, they wanted to avoid cheesy mainstream and keep it edgy but fun and relatable. COVID restrictions threw a spanner in the works by restricting dancing so the role of the music was to energise the room and deliver some quality party tunes to set the tone for a night of mingling.

During our planning meeting Andrea showed me a track that she was really considering picking for her ‘walking down the aisle’ track, but the structure wasn’t quite right for the song to hit the key moments she needed. So we worked out a plan for a custom edit that I created, cutting out the awkward first verse to make it fit the moment perfectly.

One thing that I loved about this event was their choice of music for the garden party.

Over the past few years, most garden party playlists consist of acoustic covers or soft pop-rock classics. We decided to go with something a bit more upbeat and created a playlist of poppy laid back vocal house. Even with no dancing allowed, we wanted to set the stage for an energetic event so I loved the upbeat vibe outside on the sprawling lawns while Gabbinbar staff served drinks and canapés as the sun set over the homestead.

Andrea & Ash topped off their spectacular Toowoomba wedding with an epic sparkler exit out on the driveway with “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders as the soundtrack for their send-off.

Andrea & Ash were such a cool couple and I loved helping them design the soundtrack for their wedding day.

Andrea ♥ Ashley | Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

Photos by Leah Cruikshank

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