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Mabel & Motuloa’s Islander Wedding

Brisbane Wedding MC DJ Starlight Dance Floor Indoor Fireworks Lighting and Cloud | #GMDifference

When asked what they wanted for their wedding, Mabel and Motuloa answered ‘a relaxed islander wedding that is different from what anyone has seen.’ That is exactly what Brian, Zac, Peter helped them create.

Check out the recap video below to see for yourself.

Feedback from couple.

“We are truly grateful and thankful to G & M – who on our wedding event we fortunately had Brian, Zac and Peter.”

“Zac did an amazing job with the lighting

…especially during the traditional dances where the lighting really added that extra impact. No one has seen this happen in any of our family events, it was truly beautiful. The matching lights around the function room created a more personalised and detailed ambience in the air as well.”

“Peter was awesome!

He played a good balance of the songs that we requested throughout the night and other songs that he chose. We didn’t have any issues with the songs being played! He just knew when and what songs to play and created an amazing atmosphere, especially on the dance floor!”

“Brian was the best MC my whole families and I have seen.

His attitude and persona was always cheerful even when there were challenges of pronouncing some of the names in our families, in which is not easy but we could tell Brian practiced and pronounced it correctly which made us happy with how in depth Brian was willing to go to make our wedding amazing.”

“There were also times when unplanned situations occurred that were not on the run time sheet but Brian seamlessly got us back on track!”

“Both games were a hit!

Never in any of our families weddings were games played and thus we were a bit hesitant but when Brian suggested the Dad Vs Dad game and the Kissing game seemed like a fun way for everyone to be included. Both games went better than I expected especially the kissing game! Everyone loved it because we were told by many guests and even via messages after our wedding that their favourite game was the kissing game! We didn’t have to worry about any of the fine details, he was just on it! He made it seem so easy! We are so happy that everything that was planned happened throughout our wedding.”

“The starlight dance floor with the cloud and fireworks created a magical feel where even the little children were in such an awe they couldn’t help but touch and walk through it even during our first dance! haha.”

:Thank you so much Brian, Zac and Peter for creating such a magical, marvellous and mesmerising wedding where everyone in the room had fun and felt the love in the air!”

~ Mabel & Motuloa

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