When choosing someone to MC your wedding there are some important things to consider.

Who will you be handing a live microphone to at your wedding? If you’re reading this blog, then there is a good chance that this is the question you’re asking yourself right now. Unfortunately, most couples don’t think about the impact a wedding MC can have until that moment when they start cringing at their reception.

Unlike other countries around the world, in Australia it’s seen as quite normal for a family member or friend to take on the role of the MC (Master of Ceremonies) at a wedding. Often times the person trusted with the microphone and the job of keeping a wedding flowing, has never done either before. When I shared this with my friends overseas they were shocked with disbelief that this actually happens, especially on what is meant to be one of the most important days of a couples life together.

What does a Professional MC actually do at a wedding?
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If you were given the role of hosting a wedding reception, what would be your biggest concerns?
Public speaking is often listed as peoples number 1 fear, ranked even higher than death or spiders.

So essentially, asking a friend or family member to MC your wedding could be viewed as worse than throwing a spider at them!

Often couples select a family member or friend with the idea that they will know the couple better. While this can be true, the most common question a professional MC gets asked normally is “Wow, how do you know the bride and groom so well and I’ve never met you?” because a professional wedding MC spends the time getting to know the couple so that they can host their wedding in a personalised manner.

Thankfully there are many talented professionals who are amazing Wedding MCs. They will know exactly what a Wedding MC does and be able to bring incredible value with their services. As a Wedding Entertainment Director®, taking on the role of spokesperson for your wedding is all just part of the honour of being involved in your wedding.

Whoever you trust that live microphone to at your wedding, you want to be sure that they understand the power of a microphone. It has the power to motivate your guests and it has the power to horrify them as well.

Your MC should know exactly what to say at exactly the right moment.

They should be fun and engaging and use their talent to guide your guests through your wedding seamlessly.

Your MC is also the person who helps coordinate all of your reception based suppliers such as the venue, catering, photographer, videographer, entertainment and any others to ensure everyone knows exactly what’s happening and when.

The more questions you ask, the better decision you will make.

A professional Wedding MC will be able to help you create amazing moments at your wedding and for the comparatively small cost of your overall reception, add way more value than any other aspect. There are plenty of ways to save money on a wedding, but risking the success of your wedding reception to an untrained MC should not be one of them.

If you’re hiring a professional MC, be sure to ask them about the training they have had and ask them to shares ways they have made other peoples weddings unique. They should also be able to provide lots of references from happy couples that rave about their MC skills. In fact, feel free to ask us – complete the form below to find out why couples continue to vote for us as the No1 Wedding MCs in Australia.

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