Glenn Mackay

MC. Lighting Designer.

Doing Epic Stuff is what Glenn is all about. He is a master of bringing all the elements of what we do together, MC, DJ and Lighting, into what can only be described as ‘the greatest wedding reception your guests will ever attend’.

Glenn is a major part of the driving force in the creative and innovation at G&M Event Group. If he doesn’t know how to make your spectacular dreams come to life, he will not sleep till he finds out how.

Available for all events held in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Which events do you enjoy and specialise in?

I specialise in weddings. I love doing corporate and charity MC work, but weddings are my passion.

I get a lot of satisfaction from combining tracks from different styles and eras to create an experience that brings together people of all ages to enjoy the dance floor together. Playing to a private event requires a different focus than playing in a club and a greater eye for detail in how people are responding to your selections.

What makes you different to other MCs?

From what I’m told, the biggest difference is that I know what I’m doing. I can take a crowd on a journey with me through the event by guiding them from start to finish. I’m a big fan of making other people look good when I perform as the MC, because the event is not about me, it’s about other people.

Another aspect of what I do that is different is that it’s never just “going through the motions” as the MC. For me it’s about tailoring every single aspect to create the best possible experience for the couple and their guests. It’s never just another wedding, each one is special.

What do you do in you free time?

For me, free time is always spent with family. With an amazing wife and two kids, time with them is precious to me. Between the kids sports and hobbies, there is always something to do.

Describe your favourite moment as a MC?

For me there are two and they happen at pretty much every single wedding I’m involved with. The first is the moment the couple see their reception room. Often they will sneak a peek before their guests enter and the way their faces light up seeing the vision we’ve worked on with them for months come to fruition. When all the design elements come together, it’s magical. That really sets the mood for a great celebration.

My other favourite moment is at the end of the night. When the bride and groom are doing their big send off and come up to give me a hug to say thanks, that’s pretty special. My MC style is designed so that it’s usually only the bride and groom who will know the full extent of what I’ve helped them with and over the course of the planning process, we become good friends. Those hugs make it all worthwhile because you know you’ve helped make their wedding exactly what they dreamt.

What is next for G&M Event Group?

We always have a few things in the works. Our leadership team are very innovative and we always strive to create the latest and greatest for our clients. We are always looking for something new to help take our next event to another level. Stay tuned 🙂

Glenn was absolutely incredible from start to finish. Everyone at the wedding was commenting how good he was. Hiring Glenn was the best money we have ever spent. I would consider Glenn an essential part to any wedding. Don't bother spending money on little things that don't enhance your wedding just hire Glenn to blow everyone away.

Andy & Vanessa

There are no words to explain just how grateful we were to have had Glenn as our MC, our wedding exceeded our expectations over and over, we had our elderly guests who have attended countless weddings coming up to us saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

Emma & Joseph

The way that Glenn is the organiser with all the bridal party, guests and other suppliers is great. I never had to worry about anything. He is worth EVERY dollar!

Codi & Ayden

Glenn made a huge difference to our planning of the wedding and made everything on the night go much smoother than if we hadn't had him there. Definitely worth the money.

Kirsten & Aiden

Glenn was a magnificent help to us in making our reception run smoothly and we couldn’t be more thrilled we hired a professional as it just kept the whole evening completely relaxed. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Alexandra & Craig

Glenn where on earth do we start. You are sensational. You went above and beyond at Nathan and my reception and always made sure we ate and was happy. You made our night so relaxing and stress free and everything flowed so well.

Kara & Nathan

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