Alana Massey

DJ. Lighting Technician.

Alana is a fun, quirky soul who loves a good party. Her unique taste in music always has her searching for interesting ways to bring life to the dance floor.

Available for all events held in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

What is your favourite type of music to mix?

While there’s nothing more satisfying than finding two songs that work well together, I also like the unexpected. Hip hop and pop can work great together, but I love thinking outside the box. Finding a way to blend hip hop and heavy metal, for example. I also have a vast range of music knowledge and can give you some pretty unique suggestions.

What style of events do you consider your specialty?

I love a good party, and nothing gets the blood pumping more than a good dance! Any party is a cause to celebrate, whether it be birthdays or weddings, so long as every is enjoying themselves.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Seeing that everyone is having a good time, and knowing that I created an atmosphere and helped to contribute to people’s happiness always brings me up a level.

How do your friends/colleagues describe you?

I am often described as quirky. A little weird and goofy in a good way. I love to knuckle down and get the job done when I need to, so I can be equally social and stuck in my work.

What is your favourite moment that happens at events?

Hearing the speeches. It’s a great opportunity to gauge the relationships between the couple and their loved ones. I love hearing the beautiful stories that are only revealed at times like that.

Very happy with our experience. Alana was open to our suggestions and was respectful of our requests. Despite us not giving her a music list, she was fantastic at reading the crowd and setting a good mood. We were so very glad to have had someone like Alana at our event.

Eve Health Christmas Party @ Customs House

Alana kept the dance floor moving when we expected very few people to actually get up. She perfectly transitioned from music best suited to our guests who dance latin styles with us into more "party" music as more people got up to just have a dance without any formalities - it ended up working really well on both sides, because our non latin dance friends didn't feel alienated so they jumped up and had some fun, but the beats still allowed the latin dancing to continue. I daresay the great music selection was part of the reason we now have several previous non-dancers wanting to come to classes with us, which is an AMAZING outcome!

Jade & Kern @ Boulevard Gardens

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