The time to book your wedding entertainment. But where do you start?

Planning a wedding can be long, complex task and for most couples it is their first time going through the process. It’s a big, scary, expensive, pressure filled task, that at times it can be overwhelming. So, if you are one of those brides who are feeling overwhelmed with the whole Wedding Planning Process (and I was one of those Grooms), have you ever heard of Decision Fatigue?

To help you through the process and ease some of that planning burden, we’ve put together these 5 things every couple should know before booking their wedding entertainment.

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5 things couples should know before booking wedding entertainment their are:
ONE:  Awards and Reviews.

Awards and reviews don’t lie (normally) and they are a great indication of how reliable the wedding entertainment business is. We are proud to say G&M Event Group have received multiple awards, on both State and National levels, and they have all resulted from our past couples rating the service they received from our team for their wedding. Some of the most recent industry awards (and our ratings) can be found on the Australia Bridal Industry Awards website here: ABIA.

BONUS TIP: Chat to your wedding venue about the wedding entertainment you are looking at for your wedding and ask them about their experiences with the company. Venue coordinators have usually seen 100’s of weddings and can often provide a good recommendation for the perfect entertainment solution for your wedding.

TWO:  DJ-ing is more that just playing music.

A Wedding DJ’s job is to take your song suggestions, read the demographics of your guests, make a judgement of what music they would like and then mix it all together to create a great night. Then respond and adjust the music played based on reading your crowd.

Being a Wedding DJ is all about creating an entertaining experience not just playing music. This is why our Experience Packages exist. This allows each client to truly personalise their wedding experience and tailor something to suit their needs.

THREE:  Equipment that blends in and works with your styling.

You have most likely spent a huge amount of your time picking out the colours, theming and styling for your wedding. The last thing you want is for your wedding entertainment to mess up all that hard work with ugly DJ equipment.

Ask to see pictures of the DJ/Band setup so that you know exactly what will be showing up at your event. This is one area where not all DJs are created equal. Some companies even bring signs to promote their services at your wedding!!!

G&M have loads of options when it comes to blending in and even becoming a part of your styling. Feel free to head over to our event blog to see our setups which are often featured in our recap videos.

BONUS TIP: Chat to your wedding venue about the wedding entertainment you are looking at for your wedding. Ask them if the company’s setup will be suitable for your wedding.

FOUR: Planning makes for a great performance.

Knowing what the planning process is with your entertainment option is another important question to ask. Some companies will take your payment and then just expect to show up on the night. Being that you’ve probably never planned a wedding before, you should look for a company that will work with you during the lead up to your wedding to ensure everything is kept on track.

When you become a G&M client you will have access to help whenever you need it. From the moment you book to when your specific G&M DJ takes over – we’ve got you covered. We have refined the Planning Process over 1000s of weddings and have it down to a fine art. When you add in the personalised touch of our ‘Care Calls’ starting 4 months before your wedding, you can rest assured that G&M will do the best job possible.

Plus, you will also have access to our online planning portal, giving you the ability to personalise your event and select all the songs you want to hear at your wedding. Want to check it out? Contact us for free trial.

FIVE: Not all DJs are created equal.

It’s essential to know who it is you’re booking for your wedding. We are constantly hearing how other DJ companies have subcontracted someone else to “cover” an event without their client’s knowledge and for a number of strange reasons. As mentioned earlier, a DJ is more than just “music”. They should be able to display a level of talent that goes well beyond a big music library and loud speakers. They should be able to create an experience for you and your guests, tailored to your individual wedding. That’s why it’s so important to meet with your entertainment provider before you book.

Within the G&M Team all of our DJs have different strengths (on top of their extensive on-going training). We select the most suited DJ for you and your event, based on your planning information. That is, unless you have personally selected one of our DJs as part of your Magnifique option 🙂

All our DJs go through our training process and assist with numerous events as a trainee until we deem them to be up to our award winning standard. This way you know you are getting the very best for your wedding.

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