The time has come during your planning to work out who the MC for your wedding will be.

What many couples don’t know is that there is an option to hire a professional wedding MC and below are the 3 reasons why more couples are choosing this as the best option for their wedding.

Watch some creative moments our MCs have help couples create at their weddings HERE.

What does a Professional MC actually do at a wedding?
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3 reasons why more couples are choosing to hire a Professional Wedding MC for their wedding are:
ONE:  They don’t have a family member or friend to be their MC.

A wedding MC helps create the atmosphere of a wedding. If you can’t think of someone who is able to create the atmosphere you are wanting for your wedding, then a Professional Wedding MC is perfect for you. The MC is an important role at your wedding. They are key to setting the tone of your celebration. So it is understandable that you don’t want to risk all the time and money you have spent on your wedding, by picking someone that is just ‘funny after a few beers at Christmas’.

You should have complete faith in whomever you’re handing a live microphone to (and control of your day, for that matter) at your wedding.

TWO:  They want to avoid being stressed and don’t want to make one of their guests ‘work’ at their wedding.

Being the MC at a wedding can be very stressful, especially when things don’t go to plan (which happens more often than you would think). A lot of couples who hire us to MC their event don’t want to worry about it or be stressed by the little details at their wedding reception. Instead they want to enjoy it and have all their guests enjoying their celebration too.

A Professional Wedding MC will work with you before your event, creating a plan of how the night will go based on everything you want to achieve at your wedding. If there happens to be any little bumps on the night, a Professional Wedding MC will ensure things get back on track based on how you ultimately want the night to go. They do so without you or your guests even knowing there was an issue. It’s their responsibility. They know and look after everything so that you and your guests can enjoy your celebration.

THREE: They want a Professional who knows what they are doing and can help develop the ideas they have for their wedding.

A Professional Wedding MC should be experienced and talented. They should also have been trained in their profession and have the core skills required to creatively personalise your event. All our MCs at G&M have been professionally trained by the best trainers in the industry. They also continue to develop their skills with our in-house training programs and other expert courses, ranging from Story Telling, Acting and Stand-Up Comedy.

G&M is also the only business in Australia where you can hire a world-class certified Wedding Entertainment Director. We currently have two on our team, Glenn and Brian.

Our multi-award winning MC’s can help you create a timeline for your wedding celebration. Ensuring that your wedding will run smoothly (for you and your guests) and is personalised in such a way that your wedding will be one that is enjoyed and loved by everyone.

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What does a Professional MC actually do at a wedding?

The Master of Ceremonies is the person responsible for keeping everything on track. They are the link between all your wedding vendors (meal service, venue, photographer, videographer, etc.) and your guests. The MC is also the most visual and vocal person at your wedding. If your photographer wants everyone in a certain spot for a picture, the MC will guide your guests into position. If it’s time to be seated for meal service the MC will inform your guests.

This may sound pretty straightforward, however, how this is done by your MC is of great importance. Not everything needs to be announced on microphone, especially if you’re hoping to avoid having a “Monster Truck Announcer” as your MC. At G&M Event Group, our MC’s have learned they spend less than 20% of their time using a microphone, the rest is behind the scenes helping direct, inform and guide everyone through your wedding celebration to ensure your event has a smooth, natural flow.

Basically, the MC is there to help things at your event go just as they should, without you having to stress about anything.

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Creative Ideas

The perfect way to keep your guests involved, enjoying your celebration with you right to the very end. Here are some examples of creative moments our MCs have help couples create at their weddings.

Contact us if you would like to know what goes on behind the scenes to set something like these up successfully at your wedding.

Blindfold Dance Competition

Greatest Showman Entrance

Centrepiece Giveaway Game

Macca’s Cheeseburger Farewell

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