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One of the fastest growing wedding trends we’re seeing is couples choosing to hire a professional Wedding MC to help them create and deliver their wedding reception.

For many years it was commonplace for a family member or friend to look after this role. This was mostly because it was thought that that person would “know the couple better”.

But as weddings evolve, couples are realising that while their family member or friend will know them better, they may not actually know how to MC their wedding. Plus, a family member might know one side of the family well, but is a often a complete stranger to the other side of the family. And a friend might know the couple and their friends, but not the families.

Plus, as more and more couples experience outstanding weddings hosted by a professional Wedding MC, they are wanting that same thing for their own celebration.

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What does a Professional MC actually do at a wedding?

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Let’s explore the 3 reasons more couples are choosing to hire a Professional MC.

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ONE:  They don’t have a family member or friend to take the role.

While these are the words they say to us, the reality is that they do have a family member or friend, but they simply don’t trust them to do the job well enough. In many cases they’ve seen what happens when drunk “Uncle Dave” gets a hold of the microphone at an event. Unfortunately their vision for their wedding celebration doesn’t include drunk “Uncle Dave” on the microphone.

Every couple deserve to have complete faith in whoever they are handing a live microphone to at their wedding.

TWO:  They don’t want their guest to have to “work” at their wedding.

Gone are the days of having the whole family and local community come together as volunteers to cook the food, sew the dress, arrange the flowers and play the music. Couples prefer to have their guests thoroughly enjoy the celebration. Celebrating with them, rather than have them work for them.

As weddings have become bigger and more complex events, the reality is that most family members or friends just don’t have the knowledge or skills to bring that all together. This is exactly what an experienced Wedding MC does. The MC is the person who is working in conjunction with all the other wedding professionals you’ve hired to keep the event flowing nicely and in accordance with what you’re wanting.

Often times, the amount of work involved in making this all happen is overwhelming for someone with little experience, especially if things start to go wrong.

THREE:  They want someone who can help them develop the ideas they have for their wedding.

This is where an experienced Wedding MC will shine. This is where the true value is and why an experienced wedding MC is so valuable to your wedding reception.

An experienced wedding MC will always have suggestions to help you personalise and customise your wedding reception. They will take your ideas and not only help you implement them, but also ensure that your ideas will be a success, often giving you tips to help your ideas become better, based on their experience.

The best Wedding MCs will have an entertainment background, which is key to making your wedding reception fun, unique and memorable. They are there to help you with things like timelines and how to create flow throughout the reception.

Don’t expect a cookie-cutter boring wedding timeline from a good MC, expect that they will ask questions and work with you to ensure that the final timeline is one that reflects what you want to achieve for your wedding.

When you’re meeting with your potential wedding MC, if they can’t give you plenty of unique and fun ideas for your wedding, then it’s likely that they are not very experienced, and this should raise some red flags. The experienced MC will be full of ideas and probably be just as excited as you are about your wedding (or maybe more so).

Essentially, couples are choosing professional Wedding MC hire because they want the peace of mind knowing that everything is in safe hands. Someone who has their best interest at heart and as an added benefit…is sober.

The best Wedding MCs will be there to help you create the kind of wedding that you’ll be proud of for many years to come.

What does a Professional MC actually do at a wedding?

The Master of Ceremonies is the person responsible for keeping everything on track. They are the link between all your wedding vendors (meal service, venue, photographer, videographer, etc.) and your guests. The MC is also the most visual and vocal person at your wedding. If your photographer wants everyone in a certain spot for a picture, the MC will guide your guests into position. If it’s time to be seated for meal service the MC will inform your guests.

This may sound pretty straightforward, however, how this is done by your MC is of great importance. Not everything needs to be announced on microphone, especially if you’re hoping to avoid having a “Monster Truck Announcer” as your MC. At G&M Event Group, our MC’s have learned they spend less than 20% of their time using a microphone, the rest is behind the scenes helping direct, inform and guide everyone through your wedding celebration to ensure your event has a smooth, natural flow.

Basically, the MC is there to help things at your event go just as they should, without you having to stress about anything.

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Creative Ideas

The perfect way to keep your guests involved, enjoying your celebration with you right to the very end. Here are some examples of creative moments our MCs have help couples create at their weddings.

Contact us if you would like to know what goes on behind the scenes to set something like these up successfully at your wedding.

Blindfold Dance Competition

Greatest Showman Entrance

Centrepiece Giveaway Game

Macca’s Cheeseburger Farewell

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